Words and Lettering Custom Tattoo Design

 I so identify with all of the words my client requested! I thought this was a really pretty way to incorporate them into a meaningful tattoo. As far as the finished size of the tattoo, I did suggest it be slightly larger or that maybe the ribbon would have to just be pink without the black outline. You have to be careful with skinny areas like that. They can close over time.

Below is the lettering without the ribbon.

Clients Description Request:

I would like it to be smallish, sexy, readable, individual, creative J I was thinking of either getting a tattoo on the left side on my ribs (just under my armpit) or on my left shoulder blade. I would like it to involve text (the words that means most to me) which are family, courage, love, faith, strength and dream (doesn't matter if strength and dream are not in the tattoo, but the others I would like in text in the tattoo). I was thinking of maybe a cursive but easily readable sort of text. The colour I was thinking is a light colour so it doesn't stand out as much such as light blue or pink, (but 1,2 colours max) but still want it visible. I don't want the tattoo to be huge, maybe within a 15cm by 15cm, can be smaller. Would like it to be creative,  P.s. the smaller the tattoo, the better :-)