Infinity Rose with a Sword, First Tattoo - Custom Design

I loved drawing this small tattoo and I was thrilled when my client sent me a picture of the completed tattoo! That is the biggest treat for me. Above you can see the final design and the finished tattoo. Below you can see part of my client’s description, some feedback and some other infinity design examples I provided to her during our collaboration process.

Clients Description Request:

First tattoo design help needed! I would like an infinity symbol created using intertwined roses (colour of roses blue, green stems), with a simple sword behind (black outline - no colour on sword). Not a dagger-like sword, more like the ones you see on tarot cards. Complete design doesn't need to be too fancy or intricate. Still considering where it will be located, but thinking hip at this stage, so don't want anything too big. No text is required. I think I would like only two roses on the design, and perhaps one on the top left and one on the bottom right of the infinity symbol. Maybe even a slightly stylized rose eg. Charles Rennie Mackintosh rose.

Client feedback on the finished design above:

I love, love, love this one :)

Below are a few variations on the design that I gave the client to choose from.