Custom CrossTattoo Design Honoring Lost Loved Ones

This custom design was very meaningful to me. You can see my client’s description and feedback below and the art and completed tattoo above. I think the tattoo artist did an amazing job with my detailed work. There were a lot of components in this design and I think the finished tattoo is a beautiful personal memorial. It was an honor to work on it.

A section of my client’s request description:

“I would like you to take my idea and add your own. I can't draw so this is all in my head. Not even sure if it’s gonna work. This tattoo will be for my upper right arm. I would like a cross with a heart in the middle I would like Mom and Dad in the heart. Then on the left side my dad’s birth date which is 10-23-1933 He is still with us but will add that when the time comes. On the right side my mom’s dates which are 12-26-1937 to 12-21-2012. Under the heart or in it I would like Married 2-14-1956 with the 2 rings. At the bottom of the cross I would like a skateboard leaning on the cross with my brother’s name Jeff and the dates 5-27-1972 to 1-15-1989 I would like all that to look like it is laying over the footprints in the sand poem, with the last lines. The times when you have seen only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you, showing at the bottom.”