Chinese Sign of the Rabbit Custom Tattoo Design

It's such a pleasure when a client of mine
shares their finished tattoo with me. 
This was for a client in Lyon, France!

Below you will see an excerpt from their description
and a brief note they sent with the completed photo.

Client’s Request Description:

A tattoo on the forearm with a Chinese sign, associated with a futuristic yet simple abstract pattern. I would like to tattoo a Chinese sign of the Rabbit, associated with a futuristic yet simple original pattern. It should be rather small (not much than a half of the forearm). About the colors, the Chinese sign should be black, and the rest could have some color, but black should be dominant and the color would just be some little finishes to enhance the shapes.

A Message from the client:

I inked the tattoo you created for me... As promised, here are the pictures. A big thank you again for the design!