American Flag Draped Over A Cross - Custom Tattoo Design

I love doing anything with the American flag and I really love to draw draped fabric. You can see my client’s description below and the finished art above.

A section of my client’s request description:

“I struggle when it comes to anything artistic so I thought I would ask advice from the experts who have a much more creative mind than my own. The foundation of my tattoo consists of a cross with a rugged American flag draped over it. Inside the cross I would like to have a design in black rather than solid color. When it comes to the flag I would like a rugged look with vibrant colors and the stars exposed at some point. The tattoo will be in between my shoulder blades and will be a medium size. The more detail of the design the better. If a Polynesian/Samoan design could be incorporated into the inside of the cross that would be fantastic. Thank you for taking time out to assist me.”