Custom Hops Tattoo Design

This was a really cool project for me to work on. I didn’t really know what hops looked like before doing my research…but they are really pretty.  You can see my client’s description below. Above are the finished designs and the completed tattoo. It really means a lot for me to see the art tattooed. I feel very personally about each one.

Client’s Request Description:
Hops - Looking to have a hop vine design that is very eye catching! Nothing hugely specific, looking for a broad variety of designs. Location can be from the shoulder to half way down the bicep. I am looking to have a hop vine with leaves and cones included. I want to use greens and blacks for the coloring. I'm looking for this tattoo to be a more masculine take on a hop vine.

A wonderful note from my client:
“Hey here it is! Just got it done today! I love the way it looks! still a little tender... Took roughly 3 1/2 hours of tattooing, I really love the way it sits on my arm and the (tattoo) artist here was really good and a pretty cool guy! I’m still in the peeling stage of the healing so still no showing it off in broad daylight yet! I bought some spf 100 sunblock to protect it, haha. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out (okay maybe when it's fully healed ;)"