Feminine Ironman MDot Custom Tattoo Design

Below is the description for a custom M-Dot Ironman tattoo and above is my final design. I am really happy with how the scrolls soften the hard edges of the M-Dot. 

Client’s Request Description:

Feminine Ironman MDot
One of my motivators when training for and racing the 2 Ironman races I've completed was the thought of getting this tattoo! I love the thought of getting the traditional "MDot" tattoo in honor of completing an Ironman, but I'd like to add swirls around the MDot to make it look a little more feminine. Something tribal - but not TOO tribal. This will be going on my shoulder blade and should be taller than it is wide. 
Colors: MDot in Turquoise, the rest in Turquoise/Blues, black for depth/shading/outlining

A Note from my client:

“PAM! One word: PERFECT!!! Thank you SO much!!!”
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