Custom Bird Tattoo in the Style of Artist Ralph Steadman

This custom bird tattoo design was done in the style of artist Ralph Steadman who is a bit edgy and graphic. I LOVED doing this design. I only wish I had seen the completed tattoo because I think (when done right) ink splatters and lines like this make really cool tattoos.

Clients Description Request:
Bird is the word. I've spent the past 6 months at a wild bird rescue facility and want to get a tattoo to commemorate a truly life changing experience. I'm looking to get a tattoo of my two favourite birds that I worked with: Brown pelican and a Common murre.

Black and grey please. I don't have a set location for this tattoo. No text please.

I'm not set on getting both birds,Uhg, I wish I knew more what I wanted…haha. I guess I'm just looking for something maybe a little different, or abstract. My favourite artist is Ralph Steadman - he does some pretty weird stuff. The purpose behind this tattoo is in memory of my time at a bird rehabilitation center that mostly deals with oiled birds. The center is in California near the water so that could tie into it. 

Client feedback:
Awesome! Thanks! These are outstanding