Custom Tattoo Design - The Three Musketeers

This was a really fun design I did a little while back. 
You can see the requested description from my client below. 
This was how I interpreted it.
I am sort of  enamored with Rapier swords and thought they would be the perfect, graphic representation of their description. 
The three linked rings symbolized several things but mainly
a never-ending bond and unity.

The Client’s Description:
Creative symbol of bond between Mom, Step Dad & Daughter 
My Mom, Dad (step) and I want a tattoo to signify the bond between us.  My Step Dad came into my Mom's & my life when I was 16.  He's amazing and the relationship between the 3 of us is better than blood.  …  We want a tattoo that we can all get that symbolizes the bond and the great times that we have.  We don't want 3 hearts (or actual "3 Musketeers").  One thought was 3 "M's", another was our first initials (Mom- Patricia, Dad- Ed and daughter- Sarah).  Other than that we're open to creative interpretations of our great relationship.  Mom & Dad will be getting theirs on their shoulder & mine will be on the inside of my wrist.