Half Sleeve Battle Custom Tattoo Design

I was so happy with how this custom tattoo design came out. It was one of my favorite pieces of art… with the lacing up the back. This is a great example of how I collaborate with my clients. He gave me lots of feedback and suggestions, which really helped me draw exactly what he wanted. I would have LOVED to see this one completed.

Clients Description Request:
Detailed Anglo Saxon shield wall 1/2 sleeve , got a feeling it'll be for the more experienced artist.
Right arm wrist to 3 inches above elbow. No colour please just shading. I would like some text as a part of the tattoo, at the bottom round the wrist I would like" UBIQUE QUO FAS ET GLORIA DUCUNT" this means, everywhere with right and glory we lead. That is my old regimental motto  (I'm ex British army) this text could be in like a scroll type format, but open to ideas? The main design of the tattoo is a Anglo Saxon shield wall. With Anglo Saxon warriors in full battle dress with overlapping shields going around my arm with their feet starting just above the text( just above my wrist). For details of how they looked, please search "1066 battle of Hastings Anglo Saxon shield wall" further up the arm I'm prepared to let u experiment a bit. Maybe a sky full of arrows or a battle in the distance, or just woodland, I’m not 100% sure so please feel free to go crazy. Many thanks I'm very excited. Just an idea also would be king Harold standing behind the shield wall, clutching his face with a arrow in his eye (that's how he died at the battle of Hastings)

Client feedback:
:) hi Pam :) this is fantastic. Think this looks really good! Just what I was picturing in my head!! At the back of the arm could the bit the text is written on be made to look like its tied together? Nothing to complicated perhaps just a bow or a knot, and a slightly bigger hill. (this battle was known for being on a hill just down the road from where I live).

 Yes!! that looks bloody brilliant, what u think? I'd say with the laces all the way up! I think we have ourselves a winner!! Thanks. Cheers Pam, great work. :)