Frozen Beauty Custom Tattoo Design Add-on

 What a lovely testament between a mother and child. I love doing add-ons to existing tattoos. This is the final design and a close up of some details. You can see her request description below. I looked up the meaning of the name Ryan and it seemd it means "little king" or "kingly" so I did a tribal crown...kind of in the style of her existing tattoo.

Clients Description Request:

Incomplete blue rose representing beauty and love that never dies. A testimony to the love I now keep for my son. I got this tattoo done and never finished it because I ended up buying a house and falling pregnant. A minor distraction. The concept was the rose being blue and it's beauty being frozen in time, that real beauty never fades and is different to the norm. I would also like my son to be added in some way. His name is Ryan James. My love for him will also never die. I have no idea what to do with this. I feel like what I have now is just a stencil for something better. It's on my right upper arm. Not sure about colours yet either. The blue will need to redone as it's faded a lot.

Client Feedback:

Wait, I love the crown idea! That's beautiful. I like how you've added the extra blue in there too. Maybe try a purple colour?  I'm really taken with that. :)