Ankh Symbol Custom Tattoo

What a great meaning behind this tattoo. Enjoying life before it’s too late. Above you can see the final design the client chose. Below you can see part of my client’s description. I’m always so honored to design someone’s first tattoo. It is so important to me to have it be just right.

Clients Description Request:

This will be my first tattoo! Can you make it awesome enough so that I won't regret it? Have fun with it!

I plan to get it on my arm. Either my forearm or the back or my bicep. I want the Ankh to be made of weathered stone. I was thinking of having Death's bony hand wrapping around one of the arms or the cross part. And wind blowing his cloak out on one side. Be creative. The Ankh is the Egyptian symbol for life. The tattoo will symbolize my need to get out and enjoy it before I die. I want it to focus more on life instead of Death. Again be creative. Any way you can subtly incorporate the threat of life ending too soon, throw it in and we'll go from there. It will just be black and white I think.