Flashback Friday - Ukrainian Easter Eggs

Hand Dyed Eggs

From my Archive:

This was such a treat!
At the silent auction fundraiser for my son’s school, I won an opportunity to learn how to dye Ukrainian Easter Eggs.
I don’t think I really knew what that meant exactly…but it sounded different and interesting.
We learned how to use the tools, wax and dyes. I thought the handmade tool that held the wax was beautiful itself...I forget what it's called.

The evening was a relaxing mix of good company and creative inspiration. The finished products were impressive…even for our first try!
It definitely made me want to embark on a new craft.

Custom Tattoo Design Colored Cross with Date

Client’s Description Request:
I would like something with a cross, a heart, the date 10-11-09, with color - primarily purple. I would like the date to be integrated into a line either on the heart or the cross. This will go on my forearm. I really like the designs on your profile. I like your style. I'd like something rather feminine.

Client Feedback:

I just KNEW you would come up with the most awesome designs! I'll be sure to upload a picture of the finished product for you! I just can't thank you enough! I appreciate your talent and your attention to detail. I will definitely be contacting you for the one! Thank you so much!

Tattoo Quote

Your body is a temple,
but how long can you live in the same house
before you redecorate? 

~Author Unknown

Custom Autograph Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:
Simple and feminine B&W tattoo centered round my parents' autographs!
Before taking the plunge and moving to another country, I wish to get my parents' autographs inked at the side of my boob/at my ribcage. And I do not wish to simply have the tattoos itself, but have them in some kind of design.

It should be simple, black & white, (thin) lines only (no grey "colour" areas or anything) and feminine. It shouldn't exceed the width of my ribcage and therefore shouldn't be much wider than 12cm (about 4.5 inch). Myself I am thinking of getting them done in a simple infinity symbol.

But I'm not an artist and am open for anything simple & feminine! As long as it's B&W and centers around the autographs - just know that I'm not that much into hearts :)

Flashback Friday - Columbian Gold and Butterflies

From my Archive:

On a recent trip which included a day stop in Cartagena, Colombia, we had the unexpected pleasure of touring the Museo de Oroa or Gold Museum in the "old city".

The small rooms were filled with valuable pre-Colombian gold artifacts and some of the oldest ceramics in the Americas.

This particular exhibit caught my eye...not only for the the actual jewelry but also for the display design. They reminded me of floating butterflies!

Custom Half Sleeve with Personal Imagery Tribal Tattoo Design

Clients Description Request:
I would like a custom design that combines several of my favourite things/icons to create a half sleeve design (open as to the size, really depends on the design). I have several tattoos already, all in black, except for my first one which was done very badly when I was a kid and is the Southampton FC emblem.  I would like the new sleeve design to either completely overlay the SFC emblem on my right shoulder or somehow work part of it into the design.  Pictures of all my tattoos are included, I would like the design to 'fit' as well as possible with what I have already.  I am very much open to ideas regarding how to combine the key images I'd like included, which are: the number 7, Celtic spirals, Buddhist symbol Om, Scottish thistle, kangaroo, zodiac signs of my wife and kids, the sun, enso.  I have included example images of most in a style that I like (but only as examples, artist has the license to adapt and create accordingly).  Main thing is to include all of these references in a coordinated sleeve design.  Colours wise I am open to a splash here and there of red, white, blue, green and gold (being the British and Australian colours).  That's the brief!

Client Feedback:

Fantastic! This is really great Pam - just the sort of thing I was hoping for but couldn’t imagine or describe myself! Thanks so much for getting involved. 

Tuesday Tips - Creative Jewelry Displays for Earrings Series - Metal Basket Idea

From my Archive:

Creative Earring Displays for Jewelry Shows

There are so many interesting options out there for unusual jewelry displays. This is the second in my series of four posts on using everyday items for your show displays.

This top picture is a tall chrome wire basket that I think had some kind of sleeve and is supposed to be used as a wine cooler.
For shows, I put it on a small lazy susan and hung my earring cards on it. It gives me the ability to highlight a few pair and makes them easily accessible to customers.
The best part is that it is light and doesn't take up a lot of room in transport.
Above is another wire basket that I found at a discount department store. It served the same purpose but held a ton of merchandise!
For storage and transport I used plastic wrap (that you use for food storage) and wrapped the displayed earrings right on the wire basket.
The handle made it easy to carry and the plastic wrap protected the earrings. I was able to store small items including baggies and a folded table cloth in the center for transport which made it multi functional.
Depending on my show set up it was great that I could put this on a lazy susan as well and customers could have access to all sides.

* Hanging Earring Card Tip:
I use business cards to display and package most of my earrings.
Sometimes I fold them in half like a tent...that way they can stand up on a table or can hang over one of my displays.
Another option is to apply sticky back plastic hangers/earring card adapters to the cards...that way they hang neatly on the wire rails. The earring card adapters can be found at Jewelry packaging supply shops and by searching online.

Custom MilitaryTribute for Side Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:

Help a vet design a fitting tribute tattoo. I want a tattoo that will be black and grey. Located on my side (torso above the waist line). I want it to pay tribute to the friends I have lost in combat. I also would like for it to pay tribute to those that have and are serving. I am a veteran served 14 years in the army. My friends that have passed were in special forces, EOD, infantry, and aviation. I would like to incorporate something from each of my friends that have passed. One person especially, Pedro "Papi" Munoz with the special forces. I want it to incorporate the American Flag and a cross. I would also want to be able to add to if I have other friends that die. If it could incorporate someone in Freefall that would be great

Flashback Friday - Jerry Vale Signature Necklace

Custom Designed Silver & Gold Necklace
From my Archive:

I designed these special pieces of wearable art to honor my dad...singer Jerry Vale.
Each sterling silver and 14K gold piece incorporates my dad's actual fingerprint and is signed by me.

The design was inspired by the 45 records my dad recorded and the paper sleeves they slid into. The gold "record" can be worn on it's own or it can be slipped in the record jacket.

Custom Patriotic Band Album Tattoo Design

Clients Description Request:
Very detailed and hard, love to see if you’re up for this patriotic challenge. This tattoo I would like to base off my services in the military and my favorite band. Kinda combining the two most influential things in my life. I would like this to be a right arm bottom-half sleeve. Wrist to elbow.
Starters, I’d like it to cover 100% skin, with the backdrop/ background being the American flag, waving bottom to top up the arm, starts down by the wrist, and as it flows up the arm, has tears and holes, burn marks in it, stopping at the elbow with it looking like the end of the flag has been torn off and burnt in places.

OK, on top of the flag, I’d like to incorporate starting from the outside of the elbow, leading diagonally down to the inside of the arm/ wrist, I’d like to have the Lamb Of God album art for the album "Ashes of the wake". The skeleton birds flying down holding the bullets in their beaks and the banners with their feet.  Just the birds nothing else from the cover art. 

I’d like everything to be in color, and the birds, pick a color that would kinda make them stick out a little, like a darker shade, or black, u decide, you’re the artist, u know what will look the best.

Client Feedback: This is awesome, excited!

Nikki Sixx Tattoo Quote

I love the way my tattoos look.
I especially love Japanese-style tattoos 
and being completely sleeved by them,
so it's not just these little individual and unrelated pieces, 
but everything's working together to create a larger design.

- Nikki Sixx

Custom Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:
Half sleeve with a lot of cool references to be incorporated :) Preferable black and grey/shaded (could maybe have some small inputs of a single color, red or dark blue).

The things I want incorporated in my tattoo is:

Guitar (Gibson Les Paul) *
Piano (maybe only a few keys) *
Some music notes ?
Guns n Roses (some small reference)
Motorcycle (chopper)
Rock climbing (maybe a silhouette of a man climbing?)
I also want a small reference to my kids: *
My Son’s name is Christian (So maybe a C or Chris)
My daughter’s name is Anna (So maybe an A)
Some reference to the sea *

I have always loved the sea, and have been scuba-diving and kite-surfing for a long time. I also love spending time in my boat. Maybe the reference could just be some waves or anchor? I'm open to suggestions

I can understand that this is a lot to incorporate :)
But I have tried to mark the most important things with an "*", so this could be a pointer for what to prioritize in the tattoo.

Client feedback:  Thanks for your cool design, Pam. I really like it.

Flash Back Friday - Custom Silver Logo Charm - Quest Montessori

Hand Sculpted Fine Silver Quest Montessori Charm

I love my son’s school and I am so grateful for his amazing educational experiences.
Several years ago, when I was trying to think of something meaningful I could make as a thank you gift for his teachers, I turned to the school logo.
The design is so simple and yet represents the curriculum of Montessori elementary education and the 5 Great Lessons.
I hand sculpted the charm in fine silver metal clay and then had them cast in sterling silver. These petite charms were mounted on colorful cards with inspirational quotes.

Custom 25th Wedding Anniversary Tattoo Design

Clients Description Request:
 I am looking for 2 interlocking wedding rings. One can be a straight gold band as that is what my wife’s looks like. The other would be a copy of my ring which I can provide pictures for you. I will be placing the tattoo on my right arm just above another tattoo. In the example where it says 25th I would like a small red heart with the initials JD and another small red heart also with the initials KD on the top right near where the rings come together. I would like also to have the anniversary date 2-16-88. Feel free to use your skills and add something that you think would add to the tattoo

Client Feedback:

Thank you so much for your work on this! It’s  looking great.

"Thank you Create my Tattoo and especially Veggiemuse for going above and beyond my expectations. My tattoo came out exactly as I had pictured. Veggiemuse was and absolute joy to work with. Her art work came out so good I'm going to frame a copy. Thanks, again!"

Tuesday Tips - Creative Jewelry Displays for Earrings Series - Basket Tray Idea

From my Archive:

Hanging Earring Display For Jewelry Shows

This is the first in a series of four consecutive posts on creative ideas for displaying your earrings at shows. My hope with these four posts is to help open your mind to unexpected options and materials. 

I found a couple of these flat, woven basket trays at a discount department store and knew I could find a use for them as a jewelry display.

I have since used them in many ways but this was particularly effective. Some of my earring cards fold over and the basket tray was able to stand on it's side...bingo! A small, compact display.
I slipped the earring cards (business cards folded in half with two holes punched with a straight pin) through the slots and tied a small sign to the top. The earrings were easily removable for customers to take a closer look and I think had a nice, clean appearance.

My show displays have always been sort of eclectic but this idea would also work well with a single theme.

Our Snow Dionsaur

An example of our winter handi-work from a few years ago.

No ordinary snowman for us...
This was our Snow Dinosaur.

It was almost as tall as me and I think the green food coloring finished it off nicely.

Ahhh...what will we do this year? A Snow Pokemon perhaps?

Custom Tribal Half Sleeve Finishing Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:
Tribal modern. I’ve got an existing tribal/Celtic/ god of war half sleeve. I want it completed finishing at the elbow or just pass the elbow. Just black no colours. Needs to wrap around my arm. Didn’t want any more tribal but could go Polynesian tribal. Needs a good background to compliment the foreground. I’m open to the smoke/wave/ cloud/flower look. Needs detail.

Client feedback:  Awesome. Thanks, this is perfect. This is fantastic, you are very talented. Hey I honestly can’t think of anything I would change about this pic. I love it.