Thank a Cop

I love using my art to inspire and celebrate others, so this week I created my own version of the Police Memorial logo to honor and remember officers.

In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15 falls, as National Police Week. Established by a joint resolution of Congress in 1962, National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others.

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Tears Of A Cop

I have been where you fear to be.
I have seen what you fear to see.
I have done what you fear to do.
All these things I've done for you.

I am the one you lean upon.
The one you cast your scorn upon.
The one you bring your troubles to,
All these people I've been for you.

The one you ask to stand apart.
The one you feel should have no heart.
The one you call the officer in blue.
But I am human, just like you.

And through the years I've come to see
That I am not what you ask of me.
So take this badge and take this gun.
Will you take it?
Will anyone?

And when you watch a person die,
And hear a battered baby cry.
Then so you think that you can be
All those things you ask of me?

10 Questions with Wonderful Illustrator Ohn Mar Win

CLICK HERE to visit Ohn Mar Win's website

I am so inspired by the work of other artists and I wanted to share one that has taken a medium that was relatively new to them and created a complete brand.

Ohn Mar Win is a UK based illustrator who creates beautiful, fluid water color illustrations. Her color palettes are inspired and her details are fresh and lively. She has a giving spirit and shares her process through classes on Skillshare and work-in-progress videos on Instagram.

Enjoy learning a little about Ohn Mar Win!

10 Questions


1. Do you work in any other mediums other than water-colour?
Yes I work in pen and ink, brush pen, and I use PS and Ai on a IMac

2. How do you choose and organize your subject matter? 
More my sketch a day I tend to just pick a subject on that day - perhaps I saw a flower or a palette of colours I liked so wanted to explore them further. I don’t really have a plan most days!

3. Where is your favorite place to do creative research? Online? In person?
I do both. Sometimes I’ll take a photograph of something whilst on a walk or shopping and bring it out when needed.

4. Do you have a favorite piece of art or one that you are more proud of?
Oh gosh I really like a lot of my foodie illustrations but I like some of the sketches where I mix up the mediums

5. Who or what inspires you creatively?
Mostly everyday things or seasonal flowers can be turned into lovely patterns. And I like seeing the art at the Royal Academy Summer exhibition


1. What was your favorite toy or item as a child?
I did have a small tin paint set which I treasured and lots of Roald Dahl books

2. What is your favorite movie?
Either Breakfast at Tiffany's or Bladerunner

3. What is your favorite food to eat?
I could eat Sushi everyday

4. Do you have other creative outlets?
I really like watching films and would love to write a screenplay one day

5. Do you have any personal advice for other artists that may be new or unsure about sharing their creative talents?
I’d say just make lots of art, don’t be afraid of making a mistake or a mess as we are all learning. That's why I paint everyday - I’m still learning and developing myself. Soon you’ll se what you are attracted to and then make more art with that in mind

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It's official!

CLICK HERE to visit the Artworks! Licensing website

Hello everyone,

I'm so happy to share that last week I signed with an art licensing agent and I am now represented by Carol White of Artworks! Licensing.

I am looking forward to this next creative phase and having the opportunity to create a lot of new work. 

It has been an interesting path getting to this point and I am working on a series of blog posts sharing my journey in art licensing, including learning the business, networking, creating art suited to licensing and ultimately finding an agent.

Stay tuned!

Until next week,