Custom Back Fairy Tale Tattoo Design

This was a wonderful client to work with. She was originally from Quebec and now in Australia. It was overwhelming when I opened my email to see the finished design on her back! Her tattoo artists did an amazing job.

Client’s Description Request:
I would like a tales back tattoo fitting with my old tattoo of Peter Pan. I would like a design with a tales world. I already got a tattoo with Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael in my back. I would like to get a whole back tattoo or a big part of my back (it could be a bit on my shoulder(s) if you need more space).  I was imagining a design with few different elements of tales like the cat of Alice Wonderland on maybe a famous tree (it could be the one of Sleepy Hollow per example) or/and I would like maybe Hansel and Gretel or/and The Story of the three bears per example. You can also add thing un-famous to fit or take your ideas of tales. It could be something of dark. I prefer a design in black and white but I’m open to a color version if you prefer. I don’t want any text. The first example in photo is my back with my old tattoo. I also joint some kinds of design I like.

Client feedback:

I really love it. It's really a perfect design WOW. I didn't think find something so beautiful. Really thank you!I finished the tattoo 4 days ago. It's still a bit red but this is the final result. My tattoo artist is Layla Knight in Australia and she did a really nice job. It's a lot more beautifull in real than the photos. I'm really happy !
Thanks a lot for the design !

Clever Cross Stitch Tattoo Designs

A very clever combination of "art and craft"
expertly executed by Julie Hamilton, Tattoo Artist.

Check out her beautiful work

Tattoo Quote

For someone who likes tattoos,
the most precious thing is bare skin.


Custom Holly Wrist Tattoo Design

This was a personal project for a special client. I love how she combined two of the designs I did to make her final art even more custom. I hid a "P" and "Q" in the berries to represent her two children.
I think the tattoo artist did a great job with the colors based on her skin tones. 

The surrounding images are some of the variations I provided. 

Custom M-Dot Foot Tattoo

I LOVE when my clients send me pictures of their completed tattoos with my art! 
It is such an honor and a privilege to help someone permanently express or commemorate something special.

Doing an Ironman Marathon is certainly a great reason to celebrate!

Custom Tattoo design

Custom Half Sleeve with Clouds and Cover-up Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:
I am looking for a half sleeve on my right bicep with a mixture of free hand writing, a swirl on my elbow creating a cloud for the most part of design going all the way round the inside of my bicep I have a sun there at the moment with some writing underneath. I want to keep the sun but cover over the writing with clouds I would like a message running up my bicep and back down the other side reading, " the jewel that is so far away, lightens up my eyes each day" The last piece of writing at the bottom of my bicep I would like name and date of birth in joined up freehand. "Meghan" with "1-4-99"underneath the name.

Client feedback:

The 2nd one is spot on, best so far by a mile, exactly what I'm looking for.

Happy Earth Day! 2015

Custom Half Sleeve World Ending Tattoo Design

I absolutely LOVED doing this design! So creative and different from anything I normally do. I “saw” what he described and this is what came out.

Client’s Description Request:
Horde of faceless people fleeing a burning city that's being bombed. This is a "Half sleeve" kinda thing on upper left arm.  I have two tattoos already, and this one will start on the level of the first line of text.  I have included a picture of my arm, and dimensions the drawings needs to be. There is a city in the top left that is being bombed by planes, it's mostly still standing but a little crumbly and smoky.

Evacuating from the city is a long line of people who at first are too far away to be distinguishable.  As the mob moves to the right and up the figures become distinguishable (closer).  I don't care if they are faceless people, zombies, weirdos, dolls, etc... but the important one is the person who get's to the top right of the drawing (who should be the 'closest'), right before she meets with the top left when it's around my arm is a woman who is holding up a baby into the air "Think Lion King" in front of her, and the baby's mouth is open and that's where the planes are coming from.  I would like some space left in the bottom right of the drawing to fit a little bit of text but the size and placement of that isn't very important.

This is to be done in all black/gray, and a bunch of 'filler' stuff that people typically would have on sleeves is not necessary.

Client feedback:

Wow. That is gorgeous, it is absolutely perfect. It's crazy to me how quickly you were able get this perfect. You are #1 for a reason!

Custom Waves and Mountains Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:
Wave and Mountain Bliss: Integrate the great wave, two mountain lines and lettering in a lower arm tattoo. Only black ink! I’m searching for a tattoo on the inside of my lower left arm. It should cover the area from the elbow to the beginning of the wrist. If necessary the tat can also touch the outside of the lower arm .

Due to my name (Kai Sommer) it should contain brought outlines of the great wave (Hawaii). Cause Kai means Ocean or wave on Hawaii. There could also be included a kind of spiral or circle within the wave. The "Sommer/Summer"-theme can also be part of the tattoo.

Furthermore, the mountain line of my hometown area and the mountain line from "Innsbruck Nordkette" (Austrian city, north mountain line) should be included.

Also involved should be the Sat-Chit-Anand lettering.

Flashback Friday - Garden Door Mural - Before and After

A past painting job in an Arizona home.

From my Archives:

I think this "before and after" is a great example of how effective a little paint can be.
Inspired by my clients ideas and love for gardening, this small trompe l'oeil mural dressed up a bland patio sitting area.

Custom “Chemistry Meets Alex Grey” Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:
I would like a tattoo that combines the quote "Better Living Through Chemistry" with the molecular diagrams of Escitalopram and Clonazepam and the color and artwork of Alex Grey. These are psychiatric drugs that allow me to live and so having a design that incorporates bringing these chemicals into my brain would be fantastic. This is going to be placed on my right shoulder/upper arm. My skin is very fair. I'm open to a lot of creativity here...I wonder whether pills might look better than the chemical structures....the pills could even have the quote on them like a logo... I added more examples of Alex Grey's artwork. FYI, he's been doing the artwork for TOOL since Lateralus.

Client feedback: That is absolutely the right direction. I love this design. This is it. You nailed it...I'm in

Hugh Jackman Tattoo Quote


"Now I meet people with full-color Wolverine tattoos on their backs. 
Thank God I did okay, 
because I think if I hadn't, they'd spit on me in the street."

- Hugh Jackman

Custom Watercolor Flower Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:

Unique watercolor design for shoulder tattoo. I like most flowers, no Lillie's or hibiscus, just bright and unique. 

Flashback Friday - Jewelry Photography - Props

From my Archives:

When I opened my jewelry shop on Etsy, I had a crash course in photographing jewelry.

This was amongst my first exploration of using props in my photography. Trying to be a little more creative and not so straight forward. I can tend to want to show too an effort to help the person shopping make an educated decision with the most information possible.

The great thing is that Etsy allows you multiple pictures so there can be others that are more technical and obvious...but the aim is to have the first one be eye catching and attracting.

Taking photographs continues to be an education for me. I love trying new materials, angels and backgrounds.

My pictures have improved but I still have a lot to learn about lighting!

Custom Tribal Pisces and Taurus Zodiac Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:
A Pisces and Taurus image with the signs intertwined or integrated together. Abstracts welcome.

I am looking for a design (either black or color optional) that incorporates the signs of Taurus & Pisces.  I am a Pisces and my Wife is Taurus.  Maybe two signs intertwined or something like that.  Abstract images welcome as well (see attached). To be located on my upper right arm/shoulder.

Tuesday Tips - Creative Bracelet Display Idea

From my Archives:

On a recent trip to Columbia I was impressed by this clever, colorful, portable, handmade bracelet display.
I think a smaller version of this would work wonderfully for holiday fairs and craft shows.
Very eye catching and adaptable for many styles of jewelry.
Jewelry could be stored and transported on the "rolls" too. Then slipped into sleeves for protection between shows.


An informative post from a friend... with great insight about technology accessories in the gift market

Great article, written by T...
: A CASE FOR TECHNOLOGY Great article, written by Tech Candy CEO, Cheri Stine on why Tech is so hot in retail!! ENJOY!

Day and Night

The day, 
night -

I do not have to purchase these things 
with money.

- Plautis

Custom Family of Heroes Tribute Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:
This tattoo is to pay tribute to my family. All the men in my family (myself included) are or were public servants. My father and grandfather both served on the same fire department for their entire careers, my brother is currently on his second tour of duty in the Army, and I have been a 911 dispatcher myself for 6 years.

The underlying theme to the tattoo is the fight that we face every day against the forces of evil. To do this I have had a few things in mind...

Angels vs Devils - Devil setting fire, Angels pouring water to put it out. They would need a lot more detail than the rough sketch included.
The cross - I am open on this part. I like the maltese cross used by the fire departments. And I like the celtic cross. I was thinking one or the other, or combining both into a "super cross".
Personalizing - My grandfather’s badge is #43 (he passed away 2/15/08), my father’s badge is #121, and my brother is in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), also known as Night Stalkers.
I am open to suggestions and criticism of my idea. If you have something you want to add or subtract I am willing to listen. This is my first tattoo, and I have been wanting to get it done ever since my grandfather passed. Please help me make this dream tattoo come true.

Client feedback:  OMG. How do I put this. This is AMAZING. I am floored at how you captured my concept and ran with it. 

Flashback Friday - Hand Painted Ceramic - Bow Platter

From my Archives:

From my first attempt at painting ceramics...I was hooked!

Being able to mix the paints and achieve a wide variety of values by adding water made it feel very close to using water color paints. I guess the biggest difference is that it is a bit of a guess as to the final colors...after firing...kind of an adventure.

I paint in layers building up values slowly.

This platter was from a series of home accessories I designed and made several years ago when I lived in Arizona.

They were sold in boutiques and specialty shops.

Custom Circular Shoulder Tattoo Design

I chose to include the Goddess Artimis' Bow/moon....she was known as protector of animals

Client’s Description Request:
In between shoulder blade elegant circle tattoo. I want a circle in between my shoulder blades slightly lower than my neck. I want black and white... maybe the tiniest amount of maroon if it could be fit in.
based on the quote " Just trying to be the person that my dog things I am"

Do not want any pictures of dogs or footprints. I don’t know how I want to tie in the quote... maybe as the line of the circle. But I want it abstract kind of… not clear that it is a quote and not as readable as most quotes. Don’t think I want anything behind the circle but the design of the circle doesn’t have to be a PERFECT like it can over hang slightly from the perfect circle.. from a distance I want it to look like just a circle in between my shoulder blades, but when u get closer I know the quote is there and u could see it if u really looked. I want the circle to look unique maybe Victorian.... I’m not sure. About the size of a palm of a small hand