A Quick Custom Tattoo Idea Sketch

I thought this subject matter was a spooky fit for Halloween.

This is a good example of the beginning stages 
of a custom tattoo design. 
The client wanted a grim reaper that was fly fishing.

This is sometimes how I start.
I do a super quick layout 
to give the client an idea of composition and feel.
Then once I have some feedback, 
I refine it and provide cleaner art.

We work back and forth until it is just what they picture.

A Custom Tattoo Design Alteration and Addition

This shows before and after artwork I did
for a client of mine.
It shows what you can do 
to alter an existing tattoo.

A Custom Tattoo Design Customer Review, Cherry Blossoms

A lovely message from a previous client, plus she sent me a picture of the completed tattoo with my artwork! I LOVE seeing my work tattooed.

"Wonderful site, I had been looking for my design for over 2 months...and with feedback was able to create exactly what I wanted."

- Kristen Smith

October Birth Month Flower - Marigold, Calendula

The flower for the birth month of October is generally considered the Marigold or Calendula.

An annual flower that can be used for nutritional or medicinal purposes, they come in a variety of shades of yellow, orange, red, maroon or a combination.

Marigolds are referred to as the "Herb of the Sun" and symbolize passion, creativity and protection. They were often used for love charms.

Other flowers associated with the birth month of October are Pumpkin Bloom and Cosmo.

This was part of a custom tattoo design I did using Marigolds to represent the October birth month.

MOODINQ - The Future of Temporary Tattoos?

So, I recently read an article about a new tattoo product. It creates a temporary tattoo by having a doctor surgically implant a grid under your skin. You purchase an electronic wand and a subscription to access their artwork. When you pass the wand over the implant site, the temporary tattoo appears. It can be removed or changed on a whim.

Sounds kind of cool, right? (except for maybe the surgical implant part)

Well it turns out it was an April fools joke from a super fun website called ThinkGeek.

While it all sounded a bit far-fetched, I am sure something like this will be available in the not too distant future.

Memorial Tattoos from Ashes

What do you think?

I read recently that you can mix a deceased loved ones cremation ashes into tattoo ink to be used for a memorial tattoo. 


Scary Horror Tattoo Designs - Inspiration for Halloween!

Goulish, creepy, realistic...designed to make the onlooker feel a bit uncomfortable. What do you think of these scary tattoos by other artists? If you were to get a scary or horror tattoo, what would the subject matter be and where would you get it?