Custom Morriseau Triathlon Tattoo Design

This was done in the style of artist Morriseau at the request of my client.

Clients Description Request:
I want this to be a piece of art that I can wear on my body. I don't need t to be shown all the time, Be Classy. I'm looking or my first tattoo.  I am considering three possible locations.  Upper arm /shoulder, rib, or upper hip along the swim brief area. I want to incorporate the triathlon elements but no corporate logos such as m dot.

Prefer just plain black perhaps with a slight amount of colour highlight if required.  The only text allowed would be 140.6 but it would have to be discrete and blended in for the purpose of enhancing the art. I prefer the Polynesian elements.  Particularly the Honu but it is not a must.

Custom Floral Shoulder Arm Piece Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:
Shoulder / Arm piece with Flora, Owl, Bow and Arrow, Dreamcatcher
Color: All art outlined in black or grey with some color. I've provided an example. The colors utilized shall be Dark and bold colors with subtle pops of bright colors. I'm fine with any use of negative space. I'm of mixed ethnicity (black&white with dark olive skin) and would like the colors of the artwork to set well against my complexion.

Location: covering the region of the shoulder, as far down as a half sleeve wrapping underneath the arm is fine too, some going onto the chest or back is fine. I don’t want the artwork to appear "cut off"

Design: Large flora with vines and leaves on shoulder (rose, or the attached example)  incorporated with, Bow and arrow, Dream catcher, Owl and Anchor

Client feedback:  I'm so excited to see the final piece and appreciate you sharing your talent! Oh, I love, love, love it! I’ve enjoyed working with you as well, and appreciate your patience and ability to execute everything as desired, with eloquence.

Custom Infinity Love Wrist Tattoo Design

Clients Description Request:

I would like a double infinity symbol, with maybe a heart.  This tattoo will be on my left inside wrist.  The tattoo should be 1 to 1 1/2 in height and 2 inches wide. I am Irish and really like Celtic knot work so a thought might be to make the infinity symbols out of knot work or even vines or something like that. 

Custom Half Sleeve Black and Grey, Detailed, Realistic Tattoo Design

I Loved doing this design. I remember it just flowed out of me and I was very happy with how it came out.

Client’s Description Request:
Starting a full sleeve in July.  Top half will be a recreation of photo.  Kinda letting my artist do his thing with that.  Bottom half is still up in the air.  Really no set theme, but just a collection of meaningful images and ideas.  I am not artistic nor creative unfortunately so I am just looking for a unique and creative way to bring everything together.  Looking for very realistic and somewhat dark in nature.
Here's some ideas/images that I'd like to incorporate.  Use some or all:

Teddy Bear – Just looking for a standard stuffed teddy bear.  To go with the dark theme I thought maybe it could look a little torn up.  You know a button for an eye, patches, tears, stuffing coming out, etc.  My mom LOVES teddy bears. I thought this would be a neat ode to her, and represent some of the struggles she’s been through with my father and her life.   I understand this doesn’t really go with much, but I’ll let you run with it and see what you come up with.

Skull: Simple half skull, but nothing demonic or anything.  I've attached a picture of what I'm looking for.

Girl's face: Looking for part of a girl's face.  Lot of emphasis on her eyes.  I think it'd be sweet to have part of her face occluded by her hair.  I've attached a picture to give you an idea.  I think it might be cool to also cover part of her face with a single peacock feather.  Think dark and masculine here.

Hour glass: Typical old style hourglass.  Maybe cracked, sand coming out, something inside of it, etc.

Dead tree(s) – I’ve just always loved the look of dead trees.  This can be a big part of the piece or a smaller detail.  However you feel it will best fit.

Dragon Fly-  Huge fan of the band Coheed & Cambria.  I would love they’re dragon fly logo just “stamped” anywhere on the piece.  I have enclosed the exact image of this I want.

Flowers- These are also kinda for my mom, but also for me.  Doesn’t really represent anything particular, but would possibly be cool to have a few coming up my forearm or something??  I really like lillies (with the dots inside) or maybe columbines (Colorado State Flower) EITHER NOT BOTH.  Again, just something that looks kinda cool.  To fit with the “darkness” of the piece maybe some could be wilting or dying?  Again, think masculine on this one.  I'm not sure how to make flowers manly.  I guess just dark.

 Feel free to add any fillers or any cool ideas you may have!

Client feedback:  Wow. Good God. You killed it. Wouldn't change a thing. I love it. Can you tattoo me now? haha

Custom Grounded Free Spirit Lady Tree Tattoo Design

Clients Description Request:
Half right calf lady in the tree tattoo - grounded at the ankle - slim and chic. Thin, curvy "free-spirit" lady in half or full leaf tree. Hair of long bird feathers

Heart of Sun ( rays shining through leaves)    Arms maybe hugging self legs crossed   Grounded by roots, wind-blown branches  Tall and thin enough for full or half of right calf    Can't decide if I want black or color  I Love the water color look Open to opinions 

I have an ankle tattoo of dog paw and vines wrapping around the "malleolus" - I know they don't fit but I’d like them to sort of blend in a way that looks ok together? 

Flashback Friday - Montessori - The 5 Great Lessons in Ceramics

From my Archives:

The Five Great Lessons are detailed in a series of stories and lessons that are designed to provide an understanding of the history of the universe with a focus on humankind's place in that continuing story.

The Lessons are divided into five unique parts:

A. The Story of the Universe;

B. Life Comes to Earth;

C. The Coming of Humans;

D. The Story of Writing (or Language);

E. The Story of Numbers (Mathematics).

I painted these ceramic pieces for a silent auction fundraiser held by my son's school. (Quest Montessori)

The designs were inspired by a wonderful all school project the children worked on based on the The 5 Great Lessons.

Cosmic education in the Montessori curriculum sets the stage to develop more caring and peaceful citizens. Throughout all subjects, the Montessori teacher has the opportunity to instill in her students a sense of being connected to all things in the universe.

Custom Buddhist Tattoo with Stars and Planets Design

Client’s Description Request:
Complete a Buddhist tattoo with stars and planets (or more Buddhist stuff)

I have a tattoo on my back, here, and it feels a bit loose. I'd like something around it or below it to give it some "support". The themes should be space (stars, planets, galaxies and stuff) and/or Buddhist stuff (Manjushree, white tara, auspicious symbols). =]

Custom Recovery Tattoo on my Ribs Tattoo Design

This design had personal meaning to me and I really enjoyed being able to provide something she loved. The blue swirl is the National Eating Disorder Symbol. 

Clients Description Request:
I want to get a tattoo on my ribs on the left to symbolize my recovery from an eating disorder and struggle over the past few years.
Size: not very big, it’s my first tattoo so approx... 3 inches high
Color: Black and grey, I don't think I want any colors
For the Design I’m not entirely sure but I think I want the main thing to be anchor. Other things I’ve thought about are balance scales (I’m a Libra), and the National Eating Disorder Symbol but I don’t think I can add much onto the anchor because I want to keep it simple.

Client feedback: Wow this is amazing! I absolutely love it. It's amazing.

Custom Tribal Tattoo Swirls with Hidden Symbols for Lower Back and Thighs Design

Client’s Description Request:

 I would like a tattoo to cover my lower back/very top of butt (already have a small tattoo in the bottom center) that extends around my waist to my front thighs. I'd like more of a swirl design with flowers, maybe stars (if so not many), and a few hidden symbols. Very feminine and girlie!! Here are some "hidden" symbols that can be used (all don't have to be used):

The words or some symbols representing the phrase "Live, Laugh, Love"
Lock & Key
Bird (freedom)
Elephant (with trunk up)
The names Jordan and Jada (or the letter J)...possibly with their birthdates (10.26 and 2.3 respectively)
Tattoo will most likely be black with hints of color (red looks best on me)

Essentially I want to cover/distract from faint stretch marks on my lower back/top of my butt and thighs.

I have a 27" waist and would like the design to be pretty thin going along my back/waist with a thicker design on my thighs. I definitely don't want anything that will look "too much" or classless. Very danity, sexy, and feminine is a must.

Custom Family Sleeve Add-on Tattoo Design

Clients Description Request:

Family sleeve, make it your own! Full sleeve tattoo left arm. I have two tattoos you can see them in the pictures. My sleeve is based around family. The sleeve should include mom + grandma with a heart around it (a little twist to it) two swords crossing (brothers in arms). The saying "other things may change us, but we start and end with family". Something with dad in it ( havn’t found anything I like ). I'd like colour mostly reds, and blues.