Fabric Scrap Ribbon

I have a hard time throwing things away! 
I also have a weird affection for the little snipits of fabric, leftover from my projects.

Over the years, on Pinterest, I have seen these glorious lengths of hand sewn ribbons that were made from random fabric ends, pieces of lace and yarn.  I have always wanted to try and make them and when I was looking for something special to create for a dear friend, I knew this was my time!

The scraps I used for this are from some recent projects and also include pieces of up-cycled clothing. 

As I was working on the other projects, I started a box of remnants and then as I worked, I would just throw all the fragments into that box. Then I cut those remnants into even smaller pieces before assembling the new “ribbon”.

I didn’t have a plan and just randomly sewed the scraps to a long strip of fabric I had made from larger remnants. I freestyle stitched up and down the length to make sure everything was secure. 

I wrapped it on an old wood spool and secured it with a little handmade bee from another project, that I will share soon. 

I didn’t plan it, but ended up making about 10 yards of the colorful, scrapy ribbon, for her to use in her own crafty projects!

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