Revelations: When Lightening Strikes, Write it in a Book!

I seem to have my best, most useful ideas at the most inopportune times!

Like when I'm driving or when I am about to fall asleep and don't want to move or even at the movies.

My ideas generally come at me like a tidal wave, a runaway train or a pot boiling over. It can feel involuntary and take on a life of it's own...but just as quick and hard as they come, if I don't write something down they can leave and fade away.

Take yesterday. I was on the highway and an idea for something related to my business hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew if I didn't write at least one key word down it would be gone in a flash. I reached next to me to grab a piece of paper out of my notebook and when I held the paper I had just pulled out in front of my face...I realized I had accidentally ripped out a page from a book I was reading. Aghh!! Not what I meant to do.

I know that I can't be trusted with notes on little pieces of paper...they never make it where they are supposed to and my desk just ends up cluttered with scraps that don't make sense.

Because of this, I like to write things in bound notebooks.

I was thinking about my commitment to blog on a regular basis and thought a dedicated "blog idea" journal sounded like a good idea. That way, instead of staring at a blank computer screen trying to instantly formulate some clever post, I will have a book full of ideas and topics to use.

So now I have a pretty journal with a pearl metallic cover to collect ideas, notes, stories and other random blog related stuff!