Custom Tattoo Design for Chest with Hearts, Wings and Stars

When a design request is so open, it can sometimes be hard for me to pin-point a place to start. For some reason, with this client, I just pictured this heart with the laces. Not sure why it came into my head...but I LOVED it when it was done. Wish I could have seen this one completed. 

Clients Description Request:
Full women’s chest tattoo. Open to colors, designs. I'm looking for a tattoo to cover the top of my chest from inside shoulder to shoulder, collarbone to top of breasts. I'd like to possibly incorporate skulls, but not too masculine or cartoonish. Stars, hearts, wings or even flowers, but I'd like the design to be fluid.. I'm not dead set on a certain design, just looking for something original and awesome. I am open to any colors because I'm pretty pale and most come out bright. Even grayscale or incorporating color with black and white is acceptable.

Client feedback: The heart is absolutely perfect. The best. The heart just blew me away with the laces. Amazing work!!! You must have pulled an idea out of my head I didn't even know I was looking for! Hit the nail on its head. I love the stars and how the wings come from the side of the heart. Honestly all these submissions are just amazing. I love everything you have coming my way.