Custom Heart and Lettering Tattoo Design

Clients Description Request:

An open heart shaped by the phrase, Le coeur ouvert a l'inconnu. I want my tattoo to be a French phrase, Le coeur ouvert a l'inconnu. This means, the heart opens at the unknown. I want it on my side near my hip, not my lower back and not on my hip. I'm thinking more of it wrapping from the lower back to the side/front along the hip, but nothing very big at all. It will be my first tattoo. I was envisioning the shape of a heart that is open at the bottom and the shape of the heart is formed in scroll of the words of the phrase. I want it delicate and feminine, thin lines and not too many colors. I'm not sure I want colors at all but I'm open to a touch of color with brown or black. Super delicate and thin line of text;  more wispy than solid. I want the sideways heart to be more abstract than a straight heart. The top line would be formed by the text itself. The bottom by shading. Super light and delicate. Hope this helps and thanks!