Custom Tattoo Design of the Four Elements

It's so much fun to work with clients all over the world! 

Clients Description Request:
Sorry for my poor explanations, my English is not very good.  (from France)
I like skate, snowbaord, punk, Rock and Ska musics (does it really helps ??) I'm looking for a modern style tattoo on my shoulder/scapula. I'm trying to draw it since 2 years, and I can't find the perfect drawing I'm looking for. Thanks to become maybe my personal tattoo designer, I'm waiting for your ideas Looking for a modern and unique tattoo representing the 4 elements: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire in one logo with something like Peter Aurisch artwork style I would like a colored one, and not only black inked one. Not flashy colours, but something discrete, modern... Well, Something sober and hi-tech designed

Client feedback:
Yesss.... ! I love your drawings ideas!!! Ouaw, I'm really enthusiastic.  I like your art, it's really so nice, I really hope you'll get my perfect first tattoo !! I think you found the perfect drawing. That's it :o)
I'm really, really, fascinated by the result of your work