Custom Addition to a Wrist Tattoo

Clients Description Request:
Right around the wrist! Adding to current Themes: Football (soccer), World Travel, Music, Family
See what I currently have on my wrist. I want to add to it so it goes fully around my wrist/lower arm. The current tat is about 9cm in length so I’d like it that length all the way around my wrist.

The current tat is of a football club (soccer). I would like something to do with my travels. Maybe a world globe with a star or something on the countries I've visited? Completely up to you though.

Things that can be added to fill in space, music notes? Something to do with football (soccer) ...themes are Football (soccer), World Travel, Music, Family

Hope this give you a bit of freedom. Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with

Client feedback: ...well done.