Custom Infinity Children's Name Tattoo Design

Parent/child tattoos are special to me and I LOVE when I get to see the finished piece. I really liked how clean and fluid this design came out.

Clients Description Request:
Looking for something I've never seen before! I want boy’s names on or around my wrist w/unique design elements! I am looking for a unique way to tattoo my two boy’s names on my wrist.  It can either be a bracelet or just on the inside of the wrist.  The boy’s names are Clark and Jack. 

I was originally thinking of just the text - but adding some design elements might be cool.  Unfortunately everything I have seen seems to be too girly (for the boy’s names).  On the opposite end of the pendulum - I don't want it to be too manly due to the fact that I am a mom. Therein lies the challenge.  I am open to multi colors and/or only black ink.  I am open to all types of designs - as I am looking for something I've never seen before.

Client feedback: Thanks for the submissions! They are fantastic... I could see them on my wrists! They are what I've been looking for - unique, and worthy of both me and the boys. Thanks again!