Pic Collage - So Many Apps, So Little Time!

with distressed wood background
with sand background

I realized I needed a quick way to resize and add text to my product and art pictures that I share on social media. I also needed to be able to do this on the run,  without having to go into Photoshop.

I did a little research on photo editing apps and found one called Pic Collage.

I played around with the free option for a while and liked it so much, I upgraded to the paid version.

I have to say that it has been indispensable in helping me quickly convert my images into content for social media, my blog, newsletter and my website.

You can create collages "freestyle", with grids or by using their templates. You can add text, stickers, backgrounds…it's very versatile and simple to use.

Here are some of my favorite features:

  1. You can switch easily from portrait to square with one click, making it great for creating Instagram posts.

  1. You can use their pre-formatted grid templates or toss and layer your pictures freestyle. There is a lot of flexibility.

  1. You can add a colored border to each photo, flip images, rotate, bring to top, etc. They also have shaped templates that can create a square, circle or triangle border around your image.

  1. You can add text with or without a background, change fonts and font size.

  1. There are stickers (both paid and free) that can be resized and rotated, including generic and holiday themes.

  1. There are a huge amount of backgrounds available (both solid colors and patterns) and you can search custom titles like "yellow glitter" or " dark, distressed wood". I think that the backgrounds give my product images a professional, styled look.

  1. The images can be saved to your camera roll and can be edited in the app at a later date, as it saves all of your previous collages in the app.

Below, you can see some of my completed images using Pic Collage.

Do you have a photo editing app that you like?

Until next week,

showing a collection

creating an inspirational graphic with my art

showing art on a light wood background

showing a collection on a distressed wood background

showing the four seasons of Rhode Island

showing a sample of Mother's Day cards
with green glitter background


  1. Pam this is so awesome. Thank you. Love your work and sending you hugs

  2. Sorry, too old to get into that. I am just a lady who colors...lol.