10 Questions with Accessory Designer and Artist Rommy de Bommy

I am so inspired by the work of other artists and I wanted to share one that really makes me smile. 

Rommy de Bommy is a super clever, talented artist that creates magical purses and accessories with a fun food theme. Every one is more realistic, more colorful and more whimsical than the last. Also, in my opinion, she has mastered the art of expressing her true self through her branding. 

Enjoy learning a little about Rommy!

10 Questions


1. How do you style your product photos...wardrobe, location and image backgrounds? Do you have tips to share or a certain format you follow?

Well I actually have a huge closet with tons of rainbow colors. So there is basically always something hanging in there which matches my designs. I know how to combine colors with each other. And besides that I always say: 'Everything is possible, as long as you wear it confidently'. I live in Rotterdam, a huge city based in the Netherlands. There is a lot of grey and white tones everywhere. Which will bring my colorful clothing and designs more alive.

2. Your branding is so strong and cohesive. I think that is what so many artists and crafters have a hard time with. What are your tips for narrowing in on your brand style and carrying that through all aspects of your business?

I actually wasn't part of the plan. I just happened this way. I guess you can say it's my personal style which has a strong connection to everything I make. The most important thing is to make sure you're outstanding and quite unique instead of the same as other designers. You have to think strongly about your unique selling point (USP). But as I said earlier, It wasn't a plan. The whole branding is just me and the thing I love to do the most. 

3. What is your favorite part of having your creative business and why?

For sure my favorite thing is the fact that I'm making cakes and other food purses all day in my studio. How cool is that!? And the way people around the world are dying for my food purses! They are saving money to buy one of them someday. 

4. Do you have a favorite creation or one that you are more proud of?

Yes! Probably all of my cake purses are my favorite purses!

5. Who or what inspires you creatively?

Pastry chefs on Instagram are a huge inspiration


1. What was your favorite toy or item as a child?


2. What is your favorite movie?

Into the Wild

3. What is your favorite food to eat?

Croissants, all day, everywhere... Love them!

4. Do you have other creative outlets?

I'm working on a skirt collection right now. All inspired by food of course. 

5. Do you have any personal advice for other artists that may be new or unsure about sharing their creative talents?

Two important things: Just do it! And dare it! Dare to do something and do not be afraid to fail. Being unique and starting something new which isn't on the market yet will give you more chances to stand out and reach the top.

See more of Rommy's work or snag your own creation! Would you go for dinner or dessert?

They are working on a update of her official site, so in the intirum you can visit her Etsy webshop:

She does special custom orders as well. Customers can send her an email through etsy or rommydebommy@gmail.com

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