Jewelry Display Idea - Naked Puppet Displays for Jewelry and Other Things!

I am so excited to be able to share (with other jewelry designers and artists) something that has really worked for me!

When searching for creative, versatile, affordable displays for my own jewelry shows and fairs, I became very frustrated!

I wanted something cool and interesting to display my handmade necklaces, earrings and bracelets,that wouldn’t draw attention away from the jewelry…but instead would highlight it…and I didn’t want something mass produced that everyone else would have.

When I didn’t find what I wanted, I decided to design and handcraft something on my own.Being a jewelry designer myself and doing quite a bit of shows and fairs I am intimately aware of the special concerns regarding space and versatility.

In my experience, at every show I’ve done…table surface (no matter how much they provide) is never enough! Maximizing your visibility is important and going vertical is a huge space saver.

Each with their own personality, these funny little handcrafted soft sculptures are not “just another jewelry display”! Sure to be a conversation starter, they can integrate seamlessly with your current and future displays.

Time tested by me, they have become an effortless, economical and whimsical way to show of my handmade jewelry.

My goal was to keep the design earthy and organic looking…definitely handmade. I knew I wanted something that would be versatile and would work with a wide range of styles… romantic, country, vintage, contemporary, urban, etc…

As you can see in the photo of my jewelry display (from one of my shows)…I chose to leave my wood bare and in it’s natural state. I like how the displays just disappear.

The Naked Puppets are removable so the combinations are endless.They could also be used to display scarves, baby items,etc...

The pieces are interchangeable…all the holes and posts are the same size making it possible to add on to your set with a variety of shapes, heights and colors so your display can change and evolve along with your inventory and the seasons.

If desired, the posts and bases can be customized and embellished with paint, decoupage or stain to suit your creations.

The padded fabric protects your jewelry while still making it easily accessible to your customers.

Being able to secure your items with U pins can help deter theft.The naked puppets can display single or multiple necklaces and coordinating bracelets and earrings by using the U pins.

Naked Puppet sets are light in weight and easy to transport…in fact some bases can even house the jewelry item/s that will be displayed on the puppets at your show…making “set up” easy and organized.