Flash Back Friday - The Birth of a Business Card

I always have a battle with the part of me that says “more is better”…especially when it comes to designing my business cards!

It’s funny because when I see other people’s cards that are clean and sparse…I love them. Then when it comes time for me to reorder or update mine, I run out of room trying to fit tons of info on “just in case”.

I made quick cards when I opened my shop on Etsy many years ago but they didn’t have my blog address and I didn’t really love them. The good news is I did use them all up.

I ordered mini Moo cards (
http://www.moo.com/) which I just received and LOVE! So cool…but a bit expensive to hand out in stacks.

So a new card…hmm…my goal was to
* stay simple
* use less words
* use more images of my work

Above was the planning of the design and below is the finished front of the card…

The back just had contact information and brief description of what I do.

I think it shows growth for a “word addict”!

Since then I have had many new card designs with even less.