Flash Black Friday - Before and After Decorative Painitng Mural in Jamestown, Rhode Island

After I’ve painted something it’s usually pretty difficult for me to remember what it looked like before I got my hands on it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a mural, decorative finish or piece of painted furniture…
Once it’s had it’s adornment or reincarnation…
that new version becomes it’s reality in the present.

Knowing that, I always try to take before and after photos of my artwork.
They are fun to look at and can be pretty dramatic.
I think it helps me see some of the value in my work.

For example, with this job that I just finished, I was really happy with how it came out but when I looked at the finished painting compared to the before pictures I realized how my art transformed a space…giving it some light and life.

That’s when I’m happy to be an artist.
You can click on the photos to see more detail...

An indoor lap pool room