Custom Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design

Client’s Description Request:
I'd like it to be very unique and individualist with smooth lines.

I would like a tattoo (black) for my left deltoid. The size should be about 4x6 inches to cover and accentuate the "V" / horseshoe shape of my deltoid, i.e. narrower on top than on bottom. It should consist of a semi tribal dragon, however slightly smaller body relative to head to accommodate the addition of wings on its back. The claws should grasp an ankh (Eqyptian symbol of Eternal Life). Within the ankh's loop I would like the following dates enscribed..."6.24.38" and "2.22.29". Please have the dates fill in the loop. I like detail but of course not too much for it's size. Please design somewhat compact, i.e. not much open space.