How To Create Your Own Travel Art Box

I recently saw this clever video on how to make a child's travel activity kit using a thin baby wipes box as the container. It was super simple, easy to customize and perfect to throw in a bag on the go.

It reminded me of an adult version that I created not too long ago. See what you think. Would you enjoy something like this? How could you tweak it to suit your favorite art medium or craft?

Step 1 - Decide what medium or craft you want to create your travel kit for.
I wanted something that I could use for drawing with pencil and ink but this could easily be adapted for coloring with colored pencils or markers.

Step 2 - Collect your art/craft materials.
In order to know what size your travel container needs to be you need to know what you want to put inside of it. Focus more on the static items and not the ones that can be re-sized, like paper.

Step 3 - Find a container.
I had a sturdy box with a lid from some pretty note cards. It even had one of the blank cards attached to the front. You could also use empty baby wipes containers, folio pad holders, mini hinged lunch boxes, even a tin mint holder could make a tiny travel art kit. 

Step 4 - Add your supplies to your container.
I had a little clipboard that was attached to a greeting card but you can also find them at stationery stores. I cut a small stack of my favorite paper to fit on the clipboard. I also cut a small folder out of card stock to hold and protect my completed drawings until I got home. 

I didn't secure my supplies inside the box but I have seen where others added strips of elastic or made little pockets to hold pens and pencils. The lid of my box closed tight but your could tie ribbon or wrap elastic around it to keep it closed in your bag.

That's it! I can throw it in my purse and draw anywhere.

You can search Internet sites like Pinterest for a massive amount of ideas or you can just keep it simple.

I'd love to know your ideas!

Until next time,


  1. Hint: For images to color, You can scan in some of your favorite pictures, then down size them. By printing 4 on a 8 and a half x 11 page, then cutting them into four individual small pages to fit into the box

    1. Great tip. They could even be a portion of a larger picture.