Artists Helping Artists, Coloring for Daniel Savage

I'm in several coloring groups on Facebook where I can interact with fellow coloring book artists and the colorists that purchase and color our products. It's a great way for me to connect with the "end users" of my art and get a feel for what they enjoy coloring.

About a month ago in one of the groups, I saw a call to help a fellow artist (Daniel Savage) that was facing some serious, life altering health concerns. A private group was started and a plan to help was hatched.

The result was twofold.

The first was 32 artists coming together by donating art in the hopes of creating and publishing a collaborative adult coloring book that could benefit his family. Less than a month later, that plan has been realized!

The second was helping to complete his own adult coloring book that he had in the works when he got sick. That too is done and available to purchase.

Please see all of the details and links below and feel free to share this. 100% of  royalties will go to his family to help at this difficult time.

I love using my art for things like this!

Here is a peek at two colored versions of the page that I donated.

Artist: Pam Vale
Colorist: Melissa Bradley 
Artist: Pam Vale
Colorist: Jenn Petracca 

On a personal note, here is a post from Daniel's wife, Mary, from November 10, 2016:

"We have been bursting with incredible news and it is finally time to share it with everyone! Today is Daniel's 44th birthday and as a huge gift to him, 32 amazing artist's, including our ten-year-old daughter, Katie, have gotten together and helped us finish Daniel's adult coloring book that he has been working on but became too ill to finish. Today, on his birthday, Daniel's book has been published and is available for sale on Amazon! Gnomes: An Adult Coloring Book of Gnomes Throughout Time is available here...

These astounding people have also put together an amazing collaborative adult coloring book that is also available on Amazon and all proceeds from this second book will go to our family to help offset some of the costs of Daniel's health crisis. Coloring for Daniel: An Adult Coloring Book for Hope, Strength and Healing is available here...

We are so proud of Daniel and Katie and humbled by the incredible generosity this group of artists has shown our family. Please take a minute and check out these two coloring books and if you have a chance, please try to share this post or create one of your own so we can get the word out far and wide and hopefully sell some books!"

Thank you so much to everyone involved in this project to help support Daniel and his dream of publishing an adult coloring book!"

 An Adult Coloring Book for Hope, Strength and Healing
35 coloring pages by 32 artists who have come together to honor a fellow artist and to make a difference in the life of his family
  • Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet to avoid bleed through
  • 60 lb bright white paper
  • Hours of coloring pleasure
  • Each coloring page is designed for Fun, Relaxation, and Stress Relief
  • 100% of proceeds donated to the Daniel Savage family

Artist Index
  • Agy Wilson
  • Annyce Turlea
  • Antonina Kalinina
  • Cece Raven
  • Color Me Forum
  • Collette Fergus
  • Creative Life Studios
  • Cristin Frey
  • Genevieve Crabe
  • Hannah D'Agostino
  • Heather Johnsgaard
  • Heidi Berthiaume
  • Julie Thompson
  • Kim A. Flodin
  • Lianne Lynch
  • Ligia Ortega
  • Linda Franklin
  • Margaret Gates Root
  • Maria Wedel
  • Mary-Margaret Marx
  • Olivia Julius Dunggat
  • Pam Vale Branch
  • Paola Minekov
  • Samantha J. Decker
  • Sarah Clark
  • Shelah Dow
  • Steve Turner
  • Sue Chastain
  • Suzy Joyner
  • Teri Sherman
  • TigerLynx
  • Katie Savage

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