Grow Your Art Business. 8 Tips for Self-Publishing with Createspace

Createspace is a division of Amazon and offers artists and authors the opportunity to self publish and sell their work. A revelation!

It is an amazing leap in technology and has helped many creatives start and grow independent businesses.

One large perk is that your books can be sold through Amazon and are eligible for Prime and international shipping.

There are countless ebooks and articles online on how to use Createspace but I just sort of learned as I went. It's pretty user friendly and walks you through the steps needed.

It was an exciting day when I received my first proofs in the mail! 

8 Tips

Here are some random tips I can share from my experiences related to publishing my collection of coloring books and journals.

1. Have all of your content ready and photos formatted before you start working on the site.

      2.  Take advantage of their free formatted interior templates when you are building your book.

      3.  Get a sample of each cover finish. I read a lot of reviews where people didn't care for the matte covers and I ended up loving them. My customers have commented positively on them as well.

      4.  Utilize the footers in the formatted templates to easily feature your website or other contact information. In my first few books I didn't know what to do with them and deleted them all. Agh!

      5.  Have at least one other person (preferably more than one) proof everything for you. Proof  it yourself multiple times...and then one more time!

      6.  Plan your cover with the thought that your books might be displayed in a holder. For example, don't place important copy at the bottom. 

      7.  I use cover templates provided by a site called Bookow. You enter your book size and number of pages and they email you a template that is the correct size. I open it in Photoshop and build my cover design in layers right on top. All of the margins and measurements are provided for you. As of this writing, the templates are free, with a request for a small donation via Paypal toward the running of their site.

      8.  You can create your book in many different sizes but there are only certain standard sizes that can be sold through all of their sales channels. They have them listed on their site.

For me, this has been a wonderful outlet for my art. I have loved creating every book and have learned so much about all stages of publishing. You can see my collection of coloring books and journals on my Amazon Author page by CLICKING HERE and see detail of the interiors on my website by CLICKING HERE.

Have you self published a book? Did you use Createspace? Do you have additional tips that could help other artists and authors?

Until next week, 

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