Photo Storage Organization and Back Up

At last check I had 14,448 pictures on my iPhone.

To say I am a photo junkie would be an understatement. Add that to the huge, layered Photoshop files I have of my artwork and you might see why I need convenient, safe, reliable photo storage and back up options.

For a long time, I chose to ignore the whole topic of photo back up. It just seemed so overwhelming, cumbersome and confusing so, if I didn't think about the threat of loosing everything it wouldn't happen, right? Seriously, that was my thinking. Crazy, I know.

Truth is, there was always this low level of stress every time I went to turn my computer on…what if it didn't startup this time? Then I saw a well established artist post on social media that her computer crashed and she lost everything…EVERYTHING.

That was my wake up call to take my head out of the sand and figure out a system for myself. (more reliable than my occasional back up to an external hard drive)

Now, I am by no means an expert and I am sure there are more steps I could be taking BUT I know I am doing more than I was before…so that's progress.

Below I will share what I do but I recently saw this tip for flash drive storage and I thought it was really simple and clever. 

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How do you save, store and protect your photos?

Until next week,

I expanded my storage size for my Dropbox account for a small fee and now work directly from that. It's so convenient to be able to store my pictures and documents in the same files and to be able to access them on all of my devices. I find it very easy to manage my content in Dropbox and I have downloaded their applications to my computer so it is included in my regular backup.

This is a remote backup service that works automatically in the background for an annual fee. Once you do the initial back up, it will continue to back up on a regular basis. Just a note that depending on how much content you have, the initial back up can take a LONG time…like days or weeks. You can still work on your computer and it just keeps running in the background. They send status emails on a regular basis.

External Hard Drive
I'm not as good with keeping up on this but I do have one and have saved a lot of work and photos to it. I only have one but I know others have several and keep them in different locations. They are pretty affordable now for HUGE storage amounts so it definitely makes sense to add this to your back up arsenal. Mine is a called "My Passport Ultra" by Western Digital and it comes in different size options.


  1. Hi! I found you on the D.C. Facebook community page. I posted something similar to this not too long ago. I have used onedrive and love it. It also has an app so I can back up on my phone or my computer. I do pay a small fee for extra storage but it gives me a ton! I would like a new computer though. My laptop could handle all the files and now I'm on another computer so I'm searching around. Love your site! Thanks for sharing the post! My website is if you feel like visiting. Take care!

  2. Hi Elle,
    Thanks for the info above and for the complement on my site. I think One Drive is on my computer but I don't think I've looked at it. I'll have to check it out.