The Personal Connection to Color, Part 1 in a 4 Part Color Series

Do you have a favorite color?  What is it about that color or color family that draws you to it? Is it a feeling or a memory? Is it just a gut reaction? Is it based on tradition or history?

On the flip side, do you have a color that you really dislike? Do you have a specific incident, thought or item connected to it that makes you dislike it? Or again, is it a gut reaction?

Color is so personal and the reality is that we all see colors differently based on our physiology and experiences. What might look like one color to you might be described in a completely different way by someone else.

There is also a Psychology to color. We see color based on our experiences and surroundings. When you grew up, where you live, what you eat and wear, it all influences the way you process color.

Below is an example of how color is used in marketing and company branding. It is a strong science and there is a lot of importance placed on finding just the right color combinations based on the action or response the business wants.

Colors are chosen deliberately to cause a reaction…usually for you to make a purchase and specific colors are very important for brand recognition.

Do you find yourself thinking of certain businesses based on color combinations?

It's funny because it seems like ice cream shops use a lot of pastel colors in their branding…and in particular pink. Where I live, there is a local business that uses that iconic pastel pink in their branding but instead of selling ice cream and sherbet, they clean and service porta-potties! A VERY different business and yet every time I see their sign I think of ice cream!

Do you agree with the emotional link to the colors in the image below?
You can CLICK HERE to visit the blog post that this image came from. They provide a simple but comprehensive look into the psychology of colors.

I think it's kind of fun to notice my reaction to color throughout the day. I am organically drawn towards all shades of orange and tend to see those items first. For some reason I seem to see items in shades of blue, last.

Pay attention to what you are naturally drawn to. You might be surprised how often you automatically pass over certain colors. Sometimes I have to force myself to "see" specific colors so that I can step out of my comfort zone and expand my color palette.

Until next week,

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