Be Inspired, Art for a A Day Well Lived

Artwork by Pam Vale

Several years ago, I was introduced to a man with a vision, that also happened to share a Birthday with me. 

His mission was to help as many people as he could, appreciate their daily lives and celebrate "a day well lived" in whatever way that mattered to them.

We worked together and based on his thoughts, I created the art above to represent his new venture.

Recently, I was super excited to be scrolling on social media and spot my art translated into a beautiful piece of jewelry! (Which is now available on his site)

Below is a description of his mission and some links to see what's it's all about.

What would make a "Day Well Lived" for you?

Get involved. Get Grateful. Connect in this wonderful community.
I love creating art for positive, inspiring companies!

Until next week,

Gratefully Inspired! A celebration of a day done authentically & with gratitude. 
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A Day Well Lived was created in February 2012 to celebrate the events, people and experiences that, upon reflection, allow us to feel like we "did the day right." 

It's a reminder to appreciate things we might take for granted - like a walk with the dog, or simply sitting quietly in sunshine. A Day Well Lived is about being true to ourselves, and remembering that even on those days when everything doesn't go as planned, we can still feel good that we reacted authentically. Even the toughest days can be A Day Well Lived.

A Day Well Lived is personal, as we all have different ways to find our center. But, by sharing our own thoughts and experiences, we can learn and inspire. And doing A Day Well Lived. 

If you're may read the blog post about why "A Day Well Lived" was created:

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