101 Places I Find Creative Inspiration

Are you stuck staring at blank paper? Need inspiration?
Here are a 101 of my favorite inspiration generators.
See if one will spark something for you!

Until next week,

  1. Create new Pinterest boards, search your topic or browse their "popular" category
  2. Flip through trade, home décor and craft magazines like Somerset Studio, Digital Studio, Anthropologie and Better Homes and Gardens.
  3. Flip through fashion and lifestyle magazines like Architectural Digest, Vogue and Travel and Leisure
  4. Flip through shopping catalogs like Crate and Barrel, Sundance and Garnet Hill
  5. Google random topics and scroll the "images" tab
  6. Watch your favorite TV show
  7. Watch a new TV show
  8. Watch a foreign TV show
  9. Watch a vintage classic TV show
  10. Listen to your favorite music
  11. Listen to International music
  12. Listen to Holiday music
  13. Watch an MGM movie musical
  14. Go to theater to see a play
  15. See a movie
  16. See a concert
  17. Read a new book
  18. Reread an old book
  19. Browse independent boutiques 
  20. Wander a mall
  21. Shop a department store
  22. Go to an art gallery
  23. Visit a college gallery
  24. Go to a Children's Film Festival
  25. Go to an International Film Festival
  26. Take a nature stroll
  27. Go on a hike
  28. Wander a toy store or toy department
  29. Search other artist's websites
  30. Search online art galleries 
  31. Visit a museum
  32. Look through your clothing accessories
  33. Look through your jewelry
  34. Wander a craft store
  35. Wander a furniture store
  36. Wander a fabric store
  37. Search topics on Instagram
  38. Look up artists on Behance
  39. Visit a plant nursery
  40. Arrange loose flowers in a vase
  41. Visit a historical site
  42. Take a long drive 
  43. Go somewhere new
  44. Wander the makeup isle in a drug store and look at the ads
  45. Look up the flags of the world online
  46. Visit a library
  47. Wander a book store
  48. Flip through random magazines
  49. Look through greeting cards
  50. Join a coloring group
  51. Google "the meaning of colors"
  52. Google "exotic destinations" and click on the images tab
  53.  Visit your local Audubon Society
  54. Look at scrapbooking papers at your local art store
  55. Look at the yarn isles at your local craft store
  56. Go to a sporting event
  57. Look at your favorite Facebook pages
  58. Write in a journal
  59. Interview someone
  60. Go to the gym
  61. Meditate
  62. Do yoga
  63. Take an online class
  64. Take an in-person class
  65. Gift wrap something
  66. Take pictures
  67. Take a sketch pad and sketch at the beach, the park, the mall
  68. Find inspiring blogs online
  69. Learn something new
  70. Make a list of things you would like to do or try
  71. Make a mood board with pictures and drawings
  72. Look at past work
  73. Make a list of your favorites…color, song, trip, food, etc…
  74. Do something "just for fun"
  75. Do something nice for someone else
  76. Do something nice for a stranger
  77. Browse "print on demand" sites like Redbubble, Zazzle and Café Press
  78. Browse artists product sites like Teefury and Threadless
  79. Call a friend
  80. Find inspirational quotes online
  81. Keep a dream journal
  82. Try a new recipe
  83. Bake
  84. Sleep
  85. Watch YouTube videos
  86. Set a timer and write…5 minutes? 3 minutes? 10 minutes?
  87. Play with a child
  88. Have a cup of tea or coffee
  89. Learn about another culture
  90. Go to the water…ocean, lake, pool
  91. Start an artists group
  92. Try a new medium
  93. Keep an idea journal or scrapbook
  94. Join a group sketchbook project
  95. Search for artists studios online
  96. Doodle
  97. Get new art supplies
  98. Clean and reorganize your creating space
  99. Look through old photo albums 
  100. Learn  about different customs
  101. Create something (anything) for a set time (30 minutes? 60 minutes?) EVERYDAY.

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